Hobosexual: Live From The CCT

by Hobosexual

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Hobosexual: Live From The CCT (includes download card)

    This incredible live recording, produced January 15th, 2011, and captured at Seattle's landmark Columbia City Theater, features Hobosexual in action delivering their trademark high energy, fuzzed out, overpowering live display of riff n roll sonic bliss.

    This was THE live album/release that spawned many other Seattle bands to issue both live recordings and recordings on cassette.

    Originally issued in extremely LIMITED quantities of about 200 prints, a few hard copies of this release still exist.

    Sourced from ALL vintage materials, including hand dubbed 80s professional studio grade master cassettes, vintage NOS cases, and hand painted NOS label stock, this is a fantastic collectors item for any Hobo fan unable to have made the shows in which the release was sold. And if you ditched the cassette player years ago, this one comes with a handy 2x3 Digital Download Card tucked into the album artwork!

    We have about 20 copies of these left! When they're gone, they're likely gone for GOOD!

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(Hobosexual: Live From The CCT is available in the Hobosexual BandCamp Merch Store on Cassette with physical Download Card ONLY for a limited time/until supplies are exhausted.)

Captured January 15th, 2011 at Seattle's historic Columbia City Theater, "Hobosexual: Live at CCT" takes a daring and bold leap into the heart of one of Seattle's best live acts; raw, loud, and uncut.

Comprised of only 2 band members, Jeff Silva (drums) and Ben Harwood (guitar and vocals), the duo make enough organized noise and texture to satisfy even the most discriminating 5 piece rock n roll band connoisseur. Top that off with a thundering kick drum, and guitar "riffs a young, loin cloth wearing Ted Nugent would be envious of." (Phil Bouie of sound on the Sound), and you've got summer of 2011's "Frampton Comes Alive" meets AC/DC's iconic "If You Want Blood, You've Got It" wrapped up into one monster of an album.

Recorded on a whim by the theater, and plagued by several technical and sound issues encountered during set up and sound check, the band and theater engineers were shocked to find how well the recording had come together in its raw form. Gary Mula, engineer and co-producer on the project was blown away by the drum tones Jeff Silva had produced, (which incidentally ended up being a trademarked secret of the Silva family percussion legacy). From there, a decision was made by the band and theater to pursue a final, pressed and publicly available copy of the performance.

The powerful, concise full kit sound, captured with CCT's array of room mics, combined with Harwood's enormous voice and riff laden guitar sounds, translated to a recording that comes damn close to the band's actual live sound.

Known for running 3 cabinets on separate switching (to create the element of 2, and sometimes 3 guitars), Harwood multi tasks his tones, combining on the fly looping and multiple tonal textures; "..manipulating it like few venture to accomplish." (Josh Lovseth Sound on The Sound).

"It's a lot harder than it looks and sounds. It's my favorite kind of music making "deceptively simple." (Ben Harwood)

The astute listener subsequently finds themselves immersed in an ocean of 70s distorted guitar and solo overtones with this album, at times backed up by on the fly recorded and looped rhythm and lead passages, which add up to some of the most head bobbing, pedal to the floor, dash slapping rock n roll imaginable.

"Hobosexual: Live at CCT" is sure to become one of the best remembered and archived Seattle live performances of 2011.


released February 1, 2011

Gary Mula (engineer), Rick Fisher (RFI) Mastering